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About us

Let’s start with why!

We’ve always been passionate about cars. However what we find most frustrating is how the environment impacts the way that our cars look and behave. That passion led us to investigating into options available to keep the cars looking their best. Afterall, the paint protection products that dealerships were offering weren’t cutting it at all!

(020) 8123 9998


At Ghost, we aim to provide a one stop shop to protect, enhance or completely customize the appearance of your vehicle. Cars are our passion and we understand how important it is that your pride and joy reflects the person you are. Which is why are meticulous when it comes to making sure your car is perfect.

Many companies will promise you the world and then leave you underwhelmed when it comes to delivery, believe us. we’ve rectified a lot of those issues. However, we’re different. Our pride doesn’t come from how we see the car once it’s complete, it comes from seeing the look in your eyes when you see your vehicle in all its glory.


After in depth research we put together a blend of products that we feel offer our customers the best protection for their cars. We started rolling this out slowly just to gauge feedback and reactions.

The response has been phenomenal and we provide ourselves on having customers completely satisfied. Our belief has always been to do what is right for our customers, and that’s something that’ll never change.