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wraps, Paint protection & Wheels

The home of car detailing. Specialists in Ceramic Coating, Car Wraps and Wheel Protection. We’ve also partnered with some of the finest tuning houses in the world to bring exclusive personalisation accessories!


Ceramic Coating

Harsh winter conditions and environmental pollutants are likely to damage your vehicle’s paintwork.

Car wraps

By placing large sheets of high quality vinyl we’re able to completely transform the look of your car

customisation accessories

We’ve carefully scoured the planet to find some of the best manufacturers of customisation accessories for your car.

wheel protection

Defend your alloy wheels from kerb damage and save £££’s on expensive wheel repairs with AlloyGator Wheel Protection.


Whether you’re picking up a new car or a used one its good to know that the car you have is just as it should be.

Why choose ghost car detailing?


At Ghost we want to be your go to place for all your vehicles needs. We’re able to ensure that your experience is the best possible and that your car comes out of treatment far beyond your expectations. From ceramic coats to customised personalisation we have a passion for making cars stand out and with our attention to detail, we guarantee to ensure that your vehicle will look fantastic and be protected for years to come.

Our professional team is committed to being flexible with time and making sure our customers are our priority at all times.

So get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.